Announcing Slovak Koliba

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce to tenants of Slovak Village plans for a future gazebo on the grounds of Fifth Ave. It is currently intended to be built in front of the building near the entrance.

“It has also a symbolic value for our Housing non-profit and board of the directors. It will be a small project where we would join our forces to create something and add a value to Slovak village for its residents,” shared Miloslav Olejar, Slovak Village Board of Directors President.

Slovak Koliba, best translated as “Slovak Chalet” is a gazebo design inspired by traditional vernacular Slovak architecture.  Developed on retreat with the Board of Directors, this community space is intended to embrace the goals and vision of Slovak Village.

The gazebo will be build in honour of previous board members who served, especially former Slovak Village President, Marian Michalik, who passed away several years ago having served on the board many years.

Slovak Koliba will be available for tenants of the Slovak Village, to meet at and have a time with friends outside. Plans include having a grill as a part of the structure, but must pass certain fire safety concerns when approving the plans.

The project is currently in preparation and permits stage, and will probably require 6-10 months to get the permits. Fundraising to complete the project will start sometime this year, with a goal to have it completed in two years.

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  1. Jeanne June 26, 2015 at 5:49 am

    being previous superintendent at Slovak it’s nice to see something like this go up for the tenants so they can have a place to sit while enjoying the outdoors :)

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