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How To Pay Your Rent

You may pay your rent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, provided your rent is paid on or before the first day of each month. For your convenience, Slovak Village offers:

  • A rent mailbox at Slovak Village: Box # 114, in which rent cheques (no cash) can be left.
  • Payments may be made at the Housing Office located at 220 Colborne Street by Bank (Debit) Card, cash, cheque, money order, or post dated cheques.

Types of Rent

  • Market Rent – A fixed rent charge (which may increase annually)
  • Rent Geared-To-Income  – Rent which changes with income, source of income or household occupants
  • Social Assistance Rent Scale – Rent based on the number of persons in the household in receipt of social assistance benefits

Market Rent – Slovak Village market rent is roughly the same as most private landlords. Market rents normally increase once a year on the anniversary date of your tenancy.

Rent Geared-To-Income – Residents paying rent-geared-to-income will pay according to a set criteria established by the Social Housing Reform Act. Contact your Property Management Clerk or Property Manager for more information.

How to Apply for Rent Geared-To-Income

If you are a resident paying market rent and want to apply for rent geared-to-income assistance, please contact Brantford Access to Housing (BATH) at (519) 759-3330 for an application package or access our online application.

Who is Eligible for Social Housing Assistance?

  • Applicants must be age 16 years or older and a permanent legal resident of Canada, a refugee claimant, or having made an application for status as a permanent resident
  • Applicants must be able to live independently, either with or without support of community services
  • Applicants who don’t owe money to another Social Housing Provider (unless they have a satisfactory repayment agreement in good standing)