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Miloslav Olejar
Miloslav OlejarPresident
The president is in charge of the general management and direction of the business and affairs of the Corporation, subject to the authority of the board.
Mira Gratrix
Mira GratrixVice President
The vice-president assumes all powers exercised by the president if the president is absent or unable to continue their duties.
Ivette Toloza
Ivette TolozaTreasurer
The treasurer keeps full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements and deposits. The treasurer is required to give an account of all transactions as treasurer and of the financial position of the Corporation.
Barbara Michalik
Barbara MichalikSecretary
The secretary records all meetings and keeps minutes of all proceedings. The secretary is the custodian of the Corporate seal and all books, papers, records, and documents belonging to the Corporation.


Andy Carnogursky
Andy CarnogurskyDirector
Thomas Cekan
Thomas CekanDirector
Vladimir Kononenko
Vladimir KononenkoDirector
Jarmila Michalik
Jarmila MichalikDirector
Apolonia Vanova
Apolonia VanovaDirector